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Meeting Rooms at the Gold Coast Business Hub

GCBizHub offers a variety of meeting rooms for you to choose from.  Our meeting rooms are versatile, multi-purpose work settings that are perfect for teamwork, private meetings and creative collaboration.

People often think coffee shops are great for casual meetings as they are a cost-effective option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, those working from home, etc.  However, meetings in public places are not confidential but are held in an environment where anyone can hear or even eavesdrop. Coffee shops are typically noisy, and it’s easy to become distracted by all the activity going on around you.

Renting a meeting room can have many benefits for you and your business—not only can they be used for meetings with clients and colleagues, but are also a great space in which to conduct interviews with job candidates and more.

The benefits you can expect from hiring a meeting room at GCBizHub are numerous:

1). Prestigious location: not only may you enjoy a prestigious address for your meeting, but you’ll find modern, up-to-date facilities available. Our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest in technology and furnishings, providing a distinguished environment for your business discussions.

2). Professional image: your client or colleague will be impressed by the fact that you hired a meeting room for your talks. Conducting business in a modern environment creates an image of distinction.

3). Privacy: hiring one of our meeting rooms provides a private setting, one where you’ll be sure no one is overhearing or eavesdropping on conversations.  Our Mediation Room is popular for both mediations and interviews.

4). Support services: hiring a room at the Hub comes with super-fast internet connection, as well as the use of office equipment. You’ll also find support staff ready to help you with everything from reception of guests to coffee during the meeting.

Meeting spaces out of the regular office environment can also enhance overall productivity. They’re usually a place where you can brainstorm ideas but, because they’re a bit more fun, they feel like a break from the office and can encourage employees to work harder than when they’re at their desks.

Why not book your next meeting in one of the selection of rooms at Gold Coast Business Hub, from as little at $45 per hour.  Book online at

You’ll love working here!

Located in the heart of Southport the Gold Coast Business Hub is ideally located readily accessible to commercial businesses, public transport and recreational facilities.

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