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Business Benefits of Giveaways

We all know Easter is a busy holiday period. It’s a time of family and friends coming together to enjoy a chocolate Easter bunny, or two, over the long weekend. But as a business it can sometimes be difficult to keep your brand at the forefront of the consumers’ mind.

So how can you maximise profits and stay ahead of your competitors during this time? One word: Giveaways!


People love receiving freebies or winning competitions. They are great methods used to increase brand awareness. Competition is strong in the world of online giveaways, and it can be challenging to find something that reflects your brand image and stands out among the competition.

We suggest aligning your giveaway with your Brand Identity . At #GCBizHub our Mascot is A Frog, ‘Agent Kay – Frog in Black’. He’s a little quirky, but that’s the point! Standing out and having a point of difference as a business is a great way to get people to remember your brand, and that’s exactly what our giveaways do.


Our signature giveaway is easily recognisable and has quickly become identifiable as the ‘trademark’ #GCBizHub giveaway. We’ve designed our own chocolate Freddo Frog Bouquet and pair it with a delicious bottle of wine, because who doesn’t love chocolate and wine! But it’s the uniqueness of the giveaway that makes in memorable.

We also like to adapt our chocolate bouquet to make it relevant to the event, time of year or special occasion, for example, this month being Easter, we included some Lindt chocolate bunnies and pink pastel colours to our traditional chocolate bouquet.

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”.
– Dr Seuss

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