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3 Easy Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Studies conducted at the University of Warwick show that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees. To some, this may sound like an insignificant number but workplace satisfaction also creates a variety of positive benefits; not just for the individual but for the business as a whole.

Developing better leadership skills, communication abilities, improving trust and teamwork, and minimising sick days are just a few of the perks that come with maintaining a positive business environment.

Beware of micromanaging

Micromanagement is exactly what it sounds like and when applied incorrectly, it can easily become a downfall for businesses. At #GCBizHub we like to ensure that our staff fully understand their duties but are also given the space to conduct them how they see fit.

Make sure to listen to staff suggestions and collaborate on projects – don’t dominate.


There’s nothing’s worse than feeling like you haven’t got a voice in your own workplace.

It is so important for open channels of communication to be present between boss and employee. If staff feel they can’t communicate freely then poor job performance can ensue.

Organise weekly staff meetings, create a safe environment for providing feedback, make yourself accessible by keeping office doors open, celebrate accomplishments, and don’t exclude team members.

Positive environment

At #GCBizHub we like to maintain a positive atmosphere through ensuring clients are always greeted with a genuine smile and an upbeat attitude, and making sure our social media pages reflect this positivity. Also, displaying affirmations throughout the workplace, and creating positivity boards.

Get some workplace-inspiration by checking out our social media pages using the hashtag #GCBizHub.


Remember, a happy workplace makes a successful workplace. To get a better idea, pop in for a Free Day Trial at #GCBizHub or call Lauren on (07) 5528 5470.

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